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What is Nutrition?

Today I want to talk about: What is Nutrition. Let me tell you what nutrition is not. Nutrition is not an opinion, yet many people have an idea about nutrition. Everybody eats, so everybody seems to have an opinion.

Nutrition is a science. It’s built upon many other sciences, including Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, and even Biochemistry. Yes, nutrition is Biochemistry, the study of the chemical processes within the body. Nutrition is a very young science. The first vitamins weren’t discovered until the early 1900s. The first controlled experiment was back in 1747, and during this month, we’re going to learn about that. It found the cure for Scurvy, but it wasn’t until nearly two hundred years later that actual vitamin C in the early 1930s or absorbed acid was found.

Fit Scale Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts - 1st

We want to be perfect often, so we don’t even get started or give up way too early. The key is gradually building a healthy dietary pattern without falling for the hack or the shortcut’s temptation. It’s a significant life fact, and it’s an excellent nutrition fact as well. We all want overnight results, and gradual improvement sounds super dull but considers this: if you improve 1%today, just 1%. In the next 3 months, you’ll be a hundred percent better. That’s how quickly small steps add up.

Nutrition facts - 2nd

Eating healthy is not the same as eating fewer calories. In our society, we’re obsessed with weight loss and being lean, which is fine, but it’s not everything. The real improvement for me came when I started focusing on healthy foods, and after some time the calorie problem resolved itself. I never think about the calories I eat healthy food, and I’m leaner than ever.

Nutrition Facts - 3rd

I knew protein is not only in “Non-Veg foods.” yeah, but this is also a broader issue that we’ve been fed all these myths growing up: protein equals meat, calcium equals milk, Iron equals root. Of course, we can get protein from animals or plants and the same for calcium and iron. Even no one told us about the number-one source, and that’s shocking. We need to be teaching children about the basics of nutrition.